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God has initiated a “great reset” in the Church. This reset can be described as an awakening in the Body of Christ that will re-position us to become what Jesus originally envisioned for His ekklesia. The result will be a dramatic and radical change to what we have known as “church,” including its organizational structure, traditional practices, and religious requirements.

As someone who has been involved in the organizational church world for over 50 years, from my childhood days as a Lutheran, followed by attendance/membership in various Pentecostal and charismatic churches, I have served in various ministry leadership roles for most of that time. And while I’ve always had a deep love for the church and the people I’ve known and served, as long ago as 1995 God began speaking to me about changes He desired to make to the way we “do church.”

I’ve written this commentary in order to explore the many New Testament scriptures where the Greek word for church (ekklesia) is found, along with other related passages that speak to the function and operation of these gatherings, in an attempt to bring greater clarity to what His reset looks like, so we can more easily adapt and participate. Order your copy today on Amazon.

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