“My job is to help you get free of every limitation, so you can experience a life filled with purpose and significance – what I call Your Best Life… the life God had in mind for you all along. Then together we can change the world!”
– Russ Painter

Russ is an ordained minister, entrepreneur, small business owner, and a credentialed Life Coach/Coach Trainer with over 40 years of experience in ministry and business. He is presently Executive Director of Kingdom Training Institute Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to educating and mentoring people toward lasting life transformation.

Developing the Leader in You is a unique, personalized training and mentoring opportunity which includes a curriculum of study combined with a schedule of life coaching and mentoring with Russ that will help you accelerate the “mind renewal” process necessary for your growth to maturity in Christ.

It’s an online course using video/audio messages, with notes and in-depth process questions. You will be challenged and empowered to apply God’s life changing truth to every area of your life and destiny.

It’s a self-paced course, meaning you can move through each of the 11 lessons as quickly or slowly as you like.

Once you’ve completed the lesson, you can choose to schedule a one-on-one live coaching/mentoring call with Russ, where you can ask questions, review what you’re learning, and create action steps that will accelerate your growth.

Lesson topics include how to:

  • Manage your relationships well
  • Know God’s love and goodness more fully
  • Experience the reality of your new nature in Christ
  • Get a clear vision for your future
  • Overcome every negative in your life
  • Encounter more of God’s transforming presence
  • Have a lifestyle of passionate, mountain-moving faith
  • Honor people as the Father does
  • Manifest the values of heaven in your life
  • Be naturally supernatural
  • Confidently speak whatever God shows or tells you
  • Manage Kingdom resources well

Course Tuition is determined by your preferred coaching schedule, as follows:

If you choose to work with Russ, each coaching call is $50, and you can choose from these 2 options:

  • A coaching call after you complete each lesson
  • A coaching call after you complete 2 lessons (we’ll cover the material from both lessons in one call).

You can also choose to take the course with no coaching calls (totally self directed study without help from Russ). The tuition for this is a $100 one time payment.

Click for a Free Preview of Lesson 1:

After you’ve completed the first lesson, you can sign up for the rest of the course.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

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