Training Courses (Paid)

Healing & Freedom from Spiritual Abuse

Are you a victim of spiritual abuse?  Spiritual abuse is the unrighteous and illegitimate use of personal authority over another person or a group of people.  We want to help you get healed and free, in Jesus’ name!

Tuition Fee = $15

Advanced Prophetic Training 1 & 2

Join Gary Fishman and Russ Painter for 2 workshops designed to take you to the next level prophetically.

Session 1: Understanding the Father’s heart for your city, region, and nation.

Session 2: Becoming a prophetic community.  How we can position ourselves to receive declarations and decrees, and their power to effect kingdom transformation.

Session 3: Russ shares revelation on how to receive fresh vision for your life any time you need it.

Session 4: Gary shares on the power of prophetic acts, how to engage in them, and how your very life can be a prophetic act.

Tuition Fee: $25

Dream Interpretation Practicum

For students of all skill levels, Gary Fishman leads this workshop and focuses on developing dream interpretation skills through practical experience. We look at actual dreams that have been sent in  and discover their meanings in partnership with Holy Spirit.

9 Sessions, over 15 hours of training.

Tuition Fee: $25

Understanding the Voice of God in Dreams

A four part live teaching Gary Fishman presented in Fort Mills, South Carolina that includes teaching on how to interpret dreams as well as on the spot dream interpretation.

Tuition fee: $15

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