Transformational Leadership

Do you know the Golden Key to Success?

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The answer to that question is one word: Leadership.

Think you’re not a leader? Jesus says that every one of His followers is a leader:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” (Matthew 28:19)

The fact is, we all have some level of influence in the lives of people around us, and that my friend, makes you a leader.

And the first step in becoming an effective leader? Learning how to lead yourself!

“Self-Leadership” is another way of describing one of the most overlooked fruits of the Spirit, self-control.

Are you tired of the excuses, the procrastination, the lack of progress, and the people problems you deal with day after day?

If so, good! Because that means you’re ready to learn the truth about how to lead yourself (and others) into the success God created you for. And you’re hopefully ready to take action to correct this condition.

This course will teach and empower you to experience transformational realities like these:

– Identifying your personal leadership style
– How to deal with difficult personalities
– Learning to formulate personal leadership goals
– Biblical principles of leadership
– Gaining confidence in decision making
– Equipping and building those you influence
– Characteristics and values of a true leader
– How to keep the demands of leadership from wreaking havoc on your personal life
– Enhancing your emotional intelligence
– Teamwork and teambuilding
– Enhancing your communication skills
– Building a safe culture of trust and respect

Isn’t time for you to upgrade your leadership skills?

Schedule: Once a month on a Thursday evening, 7:30 pm

LocationKingdom Training Institute, 410 Jefferson Avenue, Rahway NJ

This course will also be streamed live over the internet.

Tuition: $25 per class

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