Prophetic Words, September 2019

Here’s what Papa has given many of you thus far (each paragraph is from a different person).

Keep in mind that, even though much of this is directed at me personally, I also represent this family/tribe.  So we’re all involved in seeing these things come to pass.  I can’t do this without you:

I believe that the desire you have is coming to pass but it may look different than what you thought it would be.

Oh teacher of the masses….the calling is teacher. This area is saturated with pastors. Many try to reach the needy, but few have the heart. You have that heart. The road is blocked for existing Christians who think they need something they are not getting where they are. Rare is the hunger and when it is it is snatched up. So Papa is saying, “Dont swim against the current. Do what I downloaded to you and do it until your heart is saturated.” Others will invite speakers, but that fades in the sun. What endures is opportunities to love. Meet in a different house each first Friday. Foster the tribal connection. But constantly reach for the unreachable. That is Papas heart. Quit looking for a building and look for opportunities to love. Perhaps offer healing in a different way. This is what I got. Peace out.

This is what I’m hearing: I got this, let go, knowing that I am. Let go and trust that I am holding you, promising to not let you go.  Let go of the seed of discouragement that easily entangled your thoughts. Peace. Trust me and Thrive.

I’ve been praying since this morning about the merge and I keep hearing that God wants to do something different. Like the merge is great but it’s not for Russ. I’m still asking for more about what I’m sensing but I wanted to share with you what I got so far. I believe that he is meant for a movement but one that is his own. I think that God is saying that it doesn’t look like anyone else’s movement. It is completely his own. As he goes in this new direction, he will get more from God as far as what to do next. Right now it’s time for intimate gatherings. It’s a time of taking pleasure in God’s presence. Like a complete surrender and immersing himself in God. On the drive home, I heard the Lord saying that Russ needs to start thinking like a leader and he’s called to be an apostle (now I’m using christianese) but seriously, he does. He is not to be a follower of anyone and God will use him in mighty ways because he is such an original. I don’t think this man knows the kind of impact he is to have here on earth.

Same about the Merge! I sense the same. I’m actually seeing peoples’ houses. But it being very chill/laid back. Almost like weekly bible studies. (Light houses) Something small but it being with regular attendees like HI was. It will be consistent. Not sure if it will be just one house for now and then multiply in future but I just see people there on a sofa with their bible. I think this is something that will start out small in a more intimate way.

I feel that what God is doing in him is deeper than he thinks. Deeper than the ministry itself. I see God doing a transformation from within that will bring a domino effect to his whole family, and, consequently the ministry. He will do ministry in a total new  way. A total radical and scandalous way of the Spirit. It won’t make sense in logical terms.

A message I saw today on Facebook reminded me of him. “You are where you are for a purpose. Stop trying to change your situation & commit to changing yourself.  Shift your focus. Challenge yourself to grow.”

I heard the same thing this morning that he’s been working hard at making things happen and he’s getting all this pushback. I think that when this thing happens, it will be so easy he won’t have to do much.  I see him releasing things and things will start happening as soon as he lets it go.

Agree. I believe it’s all gonna be God’s  doing.  No need to seek after the ministry per se but seek HIM!