Leader Development Program

Based on the Leader Development Program (LDP) pioneered by Bethel Church’s Global Legacy Network, Kingdom Training Institute pleased to present this training and mentoring course for anyone desiring to mature in Christ.

We know that we cannot change the culture around us without first changing the culture inside of us. LDP is a one year course that focuses on 10 Revival Culture Themes… a different theme each month. All of the reading, listening, and other activities will be geared toward creating the culture inside of us so we can more effectively lead our ministry, business, family or sphere of influence into an increased expression of that cultural theme, in order to bring about sustainable transformation.

The Themes are:

  • An Apostolic Foundation
  • The Goodness of God
  • A Culture of Salvation
  • Joy & Hope
  • Grace & Empowerment
  • Valuing His Presence
  • Risk & Faith
  • Honor
  • The Supernatural
  • Prophetic
  • Generosity

Each monthly theme consists of:

  • Required reading – books, articles, etc.
  • Required listening – audio messages which will be provided to you
  • Required meeting – a Saturday meeting once a month to review and expand on the material shared
  • Personal Assessment Worksheet – to help you create a monthly Action Plan
  • Action Plans – you will complete both a personal plan and a sphere of influence plan, which gives you practical steps that will create a greater increase of each theme in those areas.
  • Declarations – we believe nothing happens in the Kingdom without a declaration. You will receive declarations for each theme, plus a set of general declarations.
  • Required activities – these are designed to reinforce the theme as well as help you create an overall culture in your sphere that births and sustains revival.

As part of this course we also strongly encourage each student to connect with a Peer Encouragement Partner (PEP). The success of the LDP program depends greatly on each participant having a PEP. We ask you to select a peer to communicate with monthly concerning LDP content (and to encourage each other in life and ministry). Ideally your PEP would also be going through LDP, but it’s not a requirement. We ask you to communicate at least one hour a month with your Peer Encouragement Partner (in person, on the phone, Skype, emails, etc.)

In addition, you will be assigned a KTI Mentor with whom you can communicate regularly for prayer, counsel, questions, etc.

Tuition: $50 per month

Please visit www.myimpakt.com to sign up for this course.

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